Chairman Kim Jong Il's Great Life for People


The people in the DPRK are always remembering Chairman Kim Jong Il who devoted his whole life to their happiness and wellbeing.

In his lifetime the Chairman had made a ceaseless journey of field guidance for the country and the people, irrespective of sweltering weather, blizzard and midnight.

His work continued even on the running field train, car and ship, and all his time and energies were dedicated to the people's happiness.

In the course, such anecdotes came into being as "short and uncomfortable sleep", "simple rice-ball" and "field haircut".

He had been too busy with field guidance to spare time for haircut. So, he used to have his hair cut at night when people fell asleep.

One day of January Juche 89 (2000), too, he could not but have a rest of less than 30 minutes because of his busy inspection of the rezoned rice fields in Thaechon County, North Phyongan Province and other units in the province.

Indeed, he is the peerlessly great man who dedicated all his life to the country and the people.



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