Sci-Tech Complex Gives Good Information Service



The Sci-Tech Complex of the DPRK gives good information service to the working people.

Its information service renders great help to not only experts like scientists, technicians and educators but also working people and youth and students across the country in their studies.

Exhibitions including national sci-tech festival and national exhibition of IT achievements, academic conferences and academic presentations on different domains take place at the complex every year.

Most industrial establishments and cooperative farms across the country are receiving various information services through the nationwide sci-tech dissemination net centered on the complex.

They receive latest sci-tech data and data on sci-tech problems arising in their work through homepage.



After the inauguration of the Sci-Tech Complex on January 1, Juche 105 (2016), the number of visitors and subscribers reached millions and two hundred millions of people have accessed to its homepage.

In January alone this year, about 123 000 people visited the complex and about 1.07 million people got access to the homepage to see over 5 872 200 data.




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