Relics Related to Taejong Faith Discovered



A research group of Kim Il Sung University in the DPRK has recently unearthed relics related to Taejong faith on Janggun Peak of Mt Paektu.



Taejong faith based on nationalism was formed in Korea in 1909 against the colonial rule of the Japanese imperialists. Its idol was King Tangun, ancestral father of the Korean nation who built the state for the first time in the East.

The unearthed relics are a slab of marble (31 cm in length and 21.5 cm in width) and a slab of blue gem stone with regular triangle shape (17.5 cm in hand).



Carved on the slab of marble are more than 80 letters written in an old language which is believed to have been used thousands of years ago.



The research group proved that the content of the letters is the "Heavenly Father's Scriptures", one of the main scriptures of Taejong faith, and the gem stone is symbolic of King Tangun. It also confirmed that marble and serpentine from Riwon of South Hamgyong Province and Chongjin of North Hamgyong Province were used in making the slabs.



The newly-discovered slabs show that the believers in Taejong faith regarded Mt Paektu as a scared place of the Korean nation, a sacred place of their faith. This was an expression of all Koreans' strong desire for the birth of a peerlessly great person who would save the country and nation from the Japanese imperialists' colonial rule.

President Kim Il Sung said in his reminiscences "With the Century" that the veneration of Mt Paektu implied veneration of Korea and love for the motherland.

Those slabs are precious relics showing the Korean nation's veneration of Mt Paektu formed from long ago, together with monument to the Dragon God, an altar built in the period of the Feudal Joson Dynasty (1392-1910) and Jongdok Temple.


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