Traditional Costume Encouraged in DPRK

     The traditional costume of the Korean nation is well known to the world for its beauty and decentness.

 Korean clothes, peculiar in shape and bright and soft in color, are a precious heritage and pride of the nation.

 Such custom of national dressing, involving the traditional clothes-making technique and method and attire developed from the ancient times, was registered as a national intangible cultural heritage and has been encouraged in the DPRK.

 In general, Korean dresses are characterized with two parts--upper and lower garments--, harmonious combination of straight and curbed lines, neck-band and breast-tie.



 The Korean people would like to put on the national costume regularly, not only in such significant occasions of life as holidays and wedding ceremony.



 The Korean costume has been developed in various forms to meet the demands of the times under the policy of the Workers' Party of Korea and the DPRK government.


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