President Kim Il Sung's Great Feats for Global Independence

    President Kim Il Sung had worked heart and soul all his life for the cause of global independence, performing great exploits.

The President, in his famous works as "Tasks of the People's Government in Modeling the Whole of Society on the Juche Idea" and "For the Development of the Non-aligned Movement", set forth the unique idea and theory on global independence that holds the most brilliant position in his feats performed to realize the popular masses' cause of independence.

He formulated the independent world as that free from dominationism and colonialism, a world in which the sovereignty of all countries and nations is completely ensured. Thanks to his clarification on features and characteristics of the independent world, the progressive mankind's struggle for independence could be conducted purposefully with the right target.

He also met with delegations and political and public personages from different countries to give instructions for adhering to the principle of independence and struggling in firm unity under the banner of independence.

Under the energetic guidance of the President who led the trend of history in the 20th century along the road of independence, peoples of many countries could grow up into independent human beings and fighters fanning up the strong wind of independence, the fierce flames of Juche, all over the world.


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