Imo Mutiny



In June 1882 (the Year of Imo by the lunar calendar), the Korean soldiers who had been discontent with the invasion of the Japanese imperialists and the misgovernment by the feudal rulers rose up in revolt against a pay delay.

After they attacked the arsenal and armed themselves, the rioters killed their Japanese military drill instructors, laid siege to the Japanese legation and overthrew Empress Myongsong and her party who held sway over the state power.

However, the soldiers of Qing China who were stealthily dispatched at the request of Empress Myongsong, in conspiracy with Japanese troops, mercilessly suppressed and killed the mutineers.

The mutinous soldiers fought bravely against heavy odds, but in the end were crushed. The mutiny gave a strong impetus to the anti-aggression and anti-feudal struggle of the Korean people.

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