Kabo Peasant War



The Kabo Peasant War started a peasant uprising in 1894 (the Year of Kabo by the lunar calendar). Some 8 000 peasants led by Jon Pong Jun routed government troops and won many battles under the banner of “Driving out Westerners and the Japanese” and “Defending the country and providing welfare for the people,” and finally seized Jonju, the seat of Jolla Province, in the southern part of the Korean peninsula.

The peasant army adopted a reform programme which set forth measures for punishing vicious government officials and pro-Japanese elements, burning up slave-owning documents, equal distribution of land and other demands against aggression and feudal abuses.

The Japanese imperialists, who had been watching for a chance to invade Korea, made an armed intervention on the pretext of protecting the Japanese residents in Korea, with the result that the Kabo Peasant War ended in failure.

But it delivered a heavy blow at the Japanese imperialists’ moves for aggression and propelled the modernization of Korea.

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