Ulsa Five-Point Treaty



In November 1905, the Year of Ulsa, Ito Hirobumi, special envoy of the Japanese king, with Japanese troops besieging the Korean imperial palace, forced Emperor Kojong and the Cabinet ministers to accept a treaty. Even though the emperor and some ministers rejected it Ito forced them to agree to conclude the illegal treaty. The Ulsa Five-Point Treaty stipulates transferring the Korean government’s diplomatic rights to the Japanese government and setting up Japanese Residency-General in Korea, thus stripping the Korean government of all its actual power. The treaty is an illegal and invalid document as it lacks the Korean emperor’s approval and signature and the affixing of the Seal of the State. On the basis of the treaty the Japanese imperialists concocted in July 1907 the Jongmi Seven-Point Treaty which stripped Korea of its administrative power and the Korea-Japan Annexation Treaty in August 1910, with result that Korea was reduced to a colony of Japan.

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