March First Popular Uprising




The March First Popular Uprising was a nationwide anti-Japanese uprising for independence, an outburst of the pent-up indignation and fury of the Korean people who had been humiliated by Japanese military rule. The uprising that started with an anti-Japanese mass demonstration in Pyongyang on March 1, Juche 8 (1919), swept across Korea. The demonstrators marched out onto the streets shouting “Japanese and Japanese troops, go home!” “Long live the independence of Korea!” and “Korea belongs to Koreans. Long live freedom and equality!” and destroying the Japanese government offices. The bare-handed demonstrators bravely fought against the Japanese army and police. The uprising lasted to the end of that year, attended by more than two million people from all walks of life. In the wake of the uprising over 3 200 demonstrations and riots took place across the country. The Japanese imperialists cracked down on the uprising in a brutal manner and killed over 100 000 Koreans. The uprising left a bitter lesson that it is impossible to emerge victorious in the national liberation struggle when it is conducted separated from the correct guidance of an outstanding leader.

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