Mt. Chilbo (2)

Outer Chilbo

Unlike the beautiful Inner Chilbo, Outer Chilbo is majestically beautiful. So it has long been regarded as a scenic masterpiece expressive of masculine beauty.

In terms of its local features and sightseeing courses, Outer Chilbo is divided into Jangsu Peak, Manmulsang, Taphokdong and other sections. The ranges of Outer Chilbo spread downwards forming into singular peaks and valleys beyond description.

Wiin (great man) Peak can be counted as the best in Outer Chilbo. It is a rocky peak situated in the centre of the Jangsu Peak section. As it towers above a pine forest, its magnificence and singularity can be discerned even from a great distance.

The peak is surrounded by lots of other peaks including Suri (eagle) Peak which is said to have long been a habitat of an eagle, Janggun Peak, Sungchon Peak and Kyemyong Peak, adding to the beauty of Outer Chilbo.

Outer Chilbo is also famous for the beauty of its valleys. The most beautiful of the valleys is seven valleys and eight ridges of Songnim Peak. Only from the top of the peak can you see the true appearance of the seven valleys and eight ridges which bristle with magnificent big rocks.

Go up over 200 stone stairs on a steep rocky face of the peak (70 metres in height), and you can reach the top of the peak which overlooks the seven valleys and eight ridges in the southern slope of the peak. The width of the ridges is 20~30 cm, the width of the valleys is 100 m, their total length is one kilometre and their gradient is 80°.

In the rainy season of summer, tilting falls competitively cascade down from the seven valleys and the fantastic rocks of the eight ridges appear above water fog, greatly enchanting the beholders.

Every peak and valley of Outer Chilbo boasts rocks of every fantastic shape that attract the beholders’ attention. Among them are Jangsu Rock that looks like a chief sentry guarding Suri Peak, Tongsong Rock which resembles a fortress, Kojang Rock which stands majestically as if it guarded Outer Chilbo and those looking like a beast of prey, a dragon, a hawk and a brown bear.

Outer Chilbo also has lots of big and small waterfalls and pools that are very spectacular, harmoniously surrounded by thick forests. The waterfalls include two-, six- and multistage falls resembling unfolded rolls of silk cloth, tilted Kosok Falls which often appears and disappears while flowing beneath an enormous rock. The pools include Ok Pool in which, it is said, fairies saw themselves dressing their hair like in a mirror and Umnok Pool where, it is said, a couple of deer used to quench their thirst. The waterfalls and pools are those that cannot be seen in other scenic spots, thus drawing tourists. A waterfall and rocks of fantastic shapes in Outer Chilbo.

And Outer Chilbo is characterized by a section called Taphok-dong, which is famous for its many beautiful waterfalls and pools. They are all different in shape and beauty. The aforesaid waterfalls, pools, rocks and thick forests can be said to be the most beautiful in the scenery of Mt. Chilbo.

Outer Chilbo has many other attractions including the Paekho Pavilion, where it is said a tiger of Mt. Paektu used to descend along the Thaebaek range, the Rakson Pavilion where it is said fairies used to descend to play, Hwangjin Hot Spring, Taho Hot Spring and Talgal (egg) Mineral Water that are said to be good for longevity and Ice Cave where icicles hang from the ceiling even in midsummer.

As a recreation ground Outer Chilbo is frequented by lots of people.

A waterfall and rocks of fantastic shapes in Outer Chilbo


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