113 Scale Models


One day in March 2012 the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un called an official to his office. That day he put forth an ambitious plan to build a modern water park for the people in the Munsu area, and clarified its location, and the ways and method of construction.

The next day he learned in detail about the design of the park. Receiving the report from the relevant officials that the construction would be fairly expensive, he said that the park was for the people, that they should not spare anything for them, and that they should not worry about the cost. Thus, the designing of the park was done in real earnest.

In those days he examined the scale models at any time—at midnight, in the early morning and on holiday—suggesting novel ideas.

Such scale models numbered 113 in total.

One day he saw to it that a steeper slide should be chosen to install in the park, and said that a float-shaped ornament should be fixed on the upper part of a diving platform to be installed in the outdoor pool.

In this way the Munsu Water Park was built wonderfully.

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