Singing the Songs of Friendship

(Performances at the 32nd April Spring Friendship Art Festival 1)


The performances presented by famous art troupes from Mongolia, Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan and other Asian countries are overflowing with a feeling of friendship with the Korean people and an ardent desire to strengthen solidarity and cooperation among the countries.

The performances by the Mongolian Military Song and Dance Academic Ensemble and the Troupe from the Vietnam National Music, Song and Dance Theatre draw the interest of the audiences as they wonderfully portray not only instrumental and dance works that represent the countries’ various ethnic groups but also songs loved by the Korean people.

Folk dance and instrumental works staged by art troupes of Mongolia, Indonesia, Cambodia and other Asian countries will showcase the history, traditions, culture and living customs of the peoples of these countries.

Winners of international contests sing opera songs of Korea and various other countries, including My Love Will Comfort You from the Korean revolutionary opera The Flower Girl, which portrays dramatically the painful heart of the main character who is leaving home with her beloved, blind sister at home alone.

Such Korean songs as We Follow the Affection, Opening My Heart and A Dear Name, which give a deep impression through simple yet unique artistic portrayal, demonstrate that the feelings of friendship and unity among progressive artistes at the April Spring Friendship Art Festival are growing more ardent as time goes by.

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