To Make It a World-class Art Festival with Dignity and Prestige

(Performances at the 32nd April Spring Friendship Art Festival 3)


Among the participants in the 32nd April Spring Friendship Art Festival are several Russian art troupes well-known at home and abroad. They will stage the performances prepared with their sincere efforts.

The artistes’ emotions of delight in participating in the festival come to a head in the performances of unique character and in vocal and instrumental pieces that show the high artistic levels of world-renowned soloists.

The show of the piano, bayan, guitar and clarinet soloists resemble a contest of Korean songs. And many ensembles also wonderfully feature popular Korean songs including We Think of the General, Ardent Wish and Ode to Motherland.

The audiences’ attention will be focused not only on the performances by several dance troupes representative of Russian dance but also on that of a choir demonstrating delicate and refined artistic quality.

The performers’ faces are brimming with great enthusiasm and lofty aspiration to make the DPRK-Russia friendship more solid with the festival as an occasion and contribute to developing the artistic level of the April Spring Friendship Art Festival.

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