Self-destructive Behaviour Pricking His own Eyes


The traitorous Yoon’s clique is blindly jumping into all sorts of war maneuvers of the US against the DPRK

They proposed coordination of long- and short-term military preparedness against the north, reactivation of expansive deterrence strategy consultative group”(EDSCG), expansion of south Korea-US joint military exercise and amendment of the north Korea-targeted operation plan. Besides, they are shipping in the US strategic assets to the Korean Peninsula blabbering about follow-up step and resolute confrontation.

On June 29, the US nuclear strategic bomber B-1B fleet flew over the eastern sea and on July 5, six US F-35A stealth fighters landed on the US air base in Kunsan.

The press and experts at home and abroad express grim concerns that It is a signal of regular deployment of US assets into Korea Peninsula, The south Korea-US joint military drill is about to become more brisk, The situation will further freeze with the active deployment of the US strategic assets in south Korea and so on.

The traitorous Yoon’s clique is shipping in US strategic assets and, at the same time, inviting a disastrous nuclear war.

Nuclear strategic assets are nuclear war armaments that play a significant strategic role in the overall war performance.

What evil effect the US nuclear strategic assets in south Korea will produce in the Korean Peninsula is self-explanatory.

The touch-and-go situation in 2017 proves it well.

All sorts of nuclear strategic assets including aircraft-carrier strike forces Carl Vinson, nuclear strategic bomber, nuclear-powered submarine and Aegis destroyers were involved in the frantic Key Resolve and Foal Eagle-17 joint military drill. The very next day after the war drills ended the US and the warlike south Korean military had the nuclear strategic bomber B-1B fleet flying over the south for the simulated nuclear bombing exercise on the DPRKs major military targets.

Afterwards, aircraft-carrier strike forces Nimitz and Ronald Reagan sailed to the Korean Peninsula to threaten the DPRK kicking up an unprecedented nuclear fuss.

At that time, owing to the war maniacs within and without, the situation in the Korean Peninsula reached a dead end. In south Korea, there was a capital outflow, rumors like April crisis and October crisis began to spread and people suffered a war phobia.

At this very moment the traitorous Yoon’s clique are trying to press the DPRK and divert the accusing public attention by building up nuclear war crisis in the Korean Peninsula as in 2017.

The traitorous Yoon’s clique is making foolhardy moves counting on the US nuclear strategic assets but its nothing but an ill-advised bravery of a colonial henchman.

Will the US master, shaken by the DPRKs military competence, be willing to protect traitor Yoon, a colonial servant, at the risk of his own sufferings?

Is the traitorous Yoon’s clique that thick or are they the reborn Don Quixote? Their rashness and blindness are laughable for they are no more than a war servant and colonial lackey of the US.

The traitorous Yoon’s clique is sure to bring about its own downfall as long as they cling to military showdown with the backing of the US.

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