Damnable Conducts


Recently some human scums are boldly scattering anti-DPRK leaflets to Kaesong citizens’ great indignation.

They are the dregs of humanity who betrayed their own motherland and became ignorant servants of the US and the conservatives. Such riffraff are goners and their repulsive conducts are disgusting to mention.

What is more intolerable is that the traitorous Yoon’s clique is giving a green light to this anti-DPRK leafleting.

Distribution of leaflets is a psychological warfare against the other and a downright aggressive war manoeuvre.

This can never be ignored.

Not long ago, the pariahs were cursed and condemned by the south Korean public and they have lain low. But now they come out into the light and carry on with their devil and all at the instigation of Yoon’s clique.

It proves that the traitorous Yoon’s clique is a far more disgusting and filthy rubbish themselves.

Blood of beast, not human blood, runs in their vein.

They are stupid enough to encourage a handful of human scum to scatter leaflets trying to stir our people’s minds.

They should be aware that such wrongdoings can never perturb the people in the DPRK who cherish the socialist home as their own lives.

The criminal acts conducted by the traitorous conservative group against the DPRK will never be pardoned.

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