A Natural Outcome


Of recent a Japanese Diet member who regards himself a leading figure alleged that south Korea is not on equal terms with Japan and Japan is the “big brother” at a meeting of the liberal democratic party of Japan.

This remark was applauded by the rightists in Japan and sparked indignation and deploring among south Koreans for being insulted by the Japs.

This is the inevitable result of the submissive and toady attitude of the traitorous Yoon clique toward Japan.

Before Yoon got into office he bowed and scraped the Japanese prime minister as “our prime minister” and uttered “grace” and “appreciation”. After his assumption of office he tried his best to keep a low attitude toward Japan touting about “reliable partner” and “cooperation through communication with Mr. Prime Minister”.

At this moment the traitorous clique are begging for “improvement of relations” promising concession in the issue of the victims of forcible drafting and sexual slavery of Japan and, furthermore, they have disclosed the intention to allow the debouchment of the “Self-Defense Force” into south Korea.

Such being the case, the Japanese reactionaries are puffed-up and regard south Korea as an equal.

It can be said that south Korea invited such humiliation by the Japs.

It is natural the liberal democratic party of Japan treated south Korea disrespectfully.

Taking into account the Yoon’s clique’s pro-Japanese sycophancy and abject conducts, south Korea-Japan relationship is obviously a master-minion one and there’s no doubt this will be intensified in the future.

Flunkeyism and submission inevitably breeds shame and humiliation.

South Koreans of all walks of life are deploring the Yoon’s clique: The Japs are insulting south Korea as a whole; It is the inevitability of humiliating diplomacy towards Japan; The insults by the Japanese politicians is only a beginning; Yoon regime begged “‘improvement of relationship” and “cooperation” only to be stabbed in the back by Japan; This is a world laughingstock.

Yoon’s clique got what they deserved.



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