The Inevitable Fate


Some say fate is inevitable.

This reminds me of the Yoon’s cliques discomfited by the recent “IRA” (Inflation Reduction Act) adopted by the US Congress.

To reach a compromise agreement, they bustled about, delegating their representatives to the United States.

Three months ago they turned in tens of billions of dollars to the US for a favourable treat, but now they are presented with a snare called “IRA”.

So the puppet assembly adopted a resolution expressing their apprehension about the IRA and proposed some “compromise plan” requesting the postponement of the IRA until 2025 when their EV factory under construction in the US will be completed.

The south Koreans denounce: The US stabbed on the back; Yoon government are committing all sorts of folly for the US containment policy against China, but the US is giving a sharp slap in return.

Also neighbouring countries are casting ridicule: Whether south Korea pays bribes or not, the US won’t grant a tax privilege to them; “America-First” is always above “alliance”.

The puppet authorities must be blowing their tops now.

There is no way out. Being a mere stooge, a lackey in debt, it is no use lamenting.

To the US eye, south Korea is no more than a colony and a slave in hand.

Fortunately enough, Yoon’s clique can console themselves that they have always been slighted by the US and as compared with such predicaments as “opening of the rice market” or “mad cow disease”, it is nothing.

The disgraceful fate in store for a colonial servant is inevitable. If Yoon’s cliques demented with pro-American flunkeyism are aware of this, I seriously doubt.


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