Maternal Affection


In December Juche 100 (2011) General Kim Jong Il passed away too unexpectedly. All the people were writhing in agony and the whole country was turned into a sea of tears.

The heavily falling snow did not cease throughout the month. Despite the biting cold and blinding snow, the citizens of Pyongyang wailed in bitter tears day and night in front of the portraits of the smiling General that were set up in different parts of the capital city.

Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un was so worried about the people who stood guard beside the portraits every night. On several occasions he underlined the need to ensure that the mourners did not get frostbitten while standing long in the winter cold.

Accordingly, a number of measures were adopted: allowing the people to wear fur caps, scarves, gloves and earmuffs when queuing or standing guard, except for when bowing; setting up makeshift "clinics" and facilities for warming nearby; sending tens of thousands of insoles and other devices worn for warmth, as well as honey, milk powder, bread, biscuits and other foodstuffs.

Kim Jong Un also had large amounts of sugar sent to the mourners across the city, saying that hot, sweet water would be better in cold winter and they should be served with it.

After taking all such necessary steps, he pondered on how to console the mourners in distress.

At last he decided to send a letter to the officials concerned.

It reads:

"The Pyongyang Municipal Party Committee has a very important duty to perform in relieving the citizens of the pain they are suffering now.

"With the full awareness and proper attitude that they are true servants of Pyongyang citizens, you, officials of the committee, should make careful arrangements for the comfort of the people.

"And I wish you to console the depressed people with maternal affection.

Kim Jong Un
December 25, 2011"

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