Newly Installed Clocks


The respected General Secretary Comrade Kim Jong Un gave field guidance to the Masikryong Ski Resort on one day in October, Juche 104 (2015).

Looking around various places of the resort, he told the accompanying officials that more clocks should be installed on the external walls of the buildings in the resort.

His unexpected remark embarrassed them for a while.

Actually, many clocks have already been installed on various places inside and outside of the resort.

As if he had read their minds, he went on to say that people in skiwear might feel inconvenient to check the time on their wrist watch, so there should be more clocks even at regular intervals of the ski courses.

They could hardly repress their rising passion at his carefulness.

He paid the closest attention to make the people enjoy themselves without the least inconvenience.

Thanks to his detailed guidance and concern, all the visitors to the ski resort could spend great hours to their hearts' content.

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