A woman who saw the light

On one day August Juche 36 (1947), a woman farmer, who was distributed land free of charge by the state in Phyonggang County, Kangwon Province, came to Pyongyang to thank President Kim Il Sung.

He met her in person and learned that she was illiterate.

He taught her the importance of learning and warmly told her to post a letter to him by herself until the end of the year.

Having received his instruction for the first time in her life, she studied as hard as she could.

Finally she sent a letter to the President. In the letter she wrote that she wiped out illiteracy in 3 months and dozens of illiterate women in her village also could read and write.

Reading her simple letter, the President was very satisfied and sent his reply of compliment and encouragement.

A farmer writing a letter to the president of the state and receiving a reply from the president himself was unprecedented and unimaginable before.

It was a declaration of the emergence of new Korea which would turn into a great garden of single-hearted unity and a large harmonious family.

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