Fatherly Request


One day in August Juche 103 (2013), respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited a breeding station and dropped in at a kindergarten there.

Actually it was built for only a few children in the mountain village. Though small in size, it was well-equipped.

Looking around the kindergarten with satisfaction, he suddenly inquired about the heating system.

Hearing from an official that the heating was provided by a boiler, he said that there should be a double heating system including the electric heating lest the children should feel cold.

After learning that meals were prepared using electricity and looking around the dining room, he warmly asked what else he could do for the children.

An official said proudly that the daily nutrition level of the children is higher than the adults’.

Reading the daily nutrition table intently, he said it should be because they are the “king” of the country.

Then he went on to say that such a nice kindergarten built in a lone mountain village would have been unimaginable in the past and there was nothing for the children here to envy those in towns or cities.

He asked them to bring up the children, the future of the country, well and told them: I place the children under your care.

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