Unfolding the Blueprint for a Factory


One day in March Juche 48 (1958), President Kim Il Sung looked around the marshes of Ryonghung field to choose a site for a new large-scale vinalon factory.

He personally walked into the middle of the weedy field and selected the site. It was very suitable for the factory as it had an easy access of industrial water, electricity, raw materials and so on.

And then the grand plan to construct the vinalon factory during the five-year plan was laid.

At first, scientists and officials concerned was passive about the construction project.

Some officials proposed to reduce its scale and capability concerning the economic situation of the country. Some even said that the construction expenses should be used for buying textiles instead of building the factory.

Hearing about this, the President stressed that the huge project to clothe our people must not be conceived in terms of money, the factory should be constructed on a large scale under any circumstances and this was his unshakeable will.

Prior to economic calculations, the President always thought of the people’s sake and spared nothing for them.

Thanks to his noble intention, the vinalon factory was completed successfully in May 1961.

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