Developing Koryo Medicine


Koryo medicine is a traditional medicine of Korea with the history of 5 000 years.

This medicine cures various diseases and protects human health by means of natural medicine resources abundant in the country and acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, massage and other peculiar therapies.

In recent years, the health sector of the DPRK has made successes in the work to develop the traditional medicine.

The Koryo Medicine General Hospital, which advanced the chart of meridian nerve points early in the 1990s, further developed it into the acupuncture treatment method based on modern medical principle, thus making it possible to treat diseases with acupuncture and moxibustion.

The Pyongyang University of Medicine Hospital established a new treatment method by combining the modern medicine with Koryo medicine and introduced it into clinical practice.

The Pyongyang Municipal Hospital of Koryo Medicine introduced a new Koryo therapy to cure diseases according to seasonal change and the North Hamgyong Provincial People's Hospital presented a Koryo medical treatment method to cure various kinds of thrombocytopenic purpura.

Meanwhile, a work has been conducted to raise the scientific level of diagnosis and treatment method based on Koryo medicine. In the course, various Koryo medical service aid systems like "Koryo Medical Art" and new diagnosis and treatment methods on intractable diseases were established.

thomas van der boer - lightningstrike35@li - pediatrici - 2022-06-07
i am very interested in the workings and development of all natural medicines.  as a doctor, i find i'm uncomfortable giving young children tablets, injections and medicines made of harsh chemical products in laboratories.  very few of our medicines are natural, except for aspirin, extracted from willow tree bark. the development of koryo in north korea is a step forward for introducing natural medicines into hospitals and medical facilities, and i wish you well in continuing to strengthen the development!

직업: 소아과의사
내용: 나는 모든 천연약물들과 관련한 사업들과 그의 발전에 흥미를 가지고 있다. 의사로서 나는 어린이들에게 공장에서 생산한 화학물질로 만든 알약들과 주사약들을 제공하는것이 편안치 않다. 버드나무껍질에서 추출한 아스피린을 제외하고는 우리 약들의 극히 적은 량만이 천연약이다.
북조선의 고려약발전은 병원들과 의료시설들에 천연약물을 소개하는 단계로 된다.
나는 당신들의 고려약발전에서 성과가 있기를 바란다.

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