Inescapable Woe


Of recent, Yoon’s clique is mad for the normal operation of THAAD base.

Despite strong protests within and without, personnel and materials necessary for THAAD is being augmented.

What used to be two or three transportations a week, now increased to five a week since June. They even smuggled in 10 camions with construction equipment for the USFK quarters at dawn on September 4.

Such moves are only inviting instability and escalation of tension in Korean peninsula and the region.

It is common knowledge that the main purpose of THAAD is to attack the DPRK and its neighbouring countries.

That’s why its deployment has aroused serious concern and reaction from the countries in vicinity.

The U.S. and puppet government are justifying the deployment of THAAD as "defensive means", but it is no more than a deceptive farce to cover their sinister intention.

It is obvious that THAAD will only screw up military tension on the Korean peninsula and in the region.

Clamouring about “preemptive strike”, the puppet clique is waging all sorts of aggressive drills and introducing offensive military equipment for war against the DPRK. Now they are hell-bent on normal operation of the THAAD base. This can never be overlooked.

It is another inexcusable military provocation against the DPRK and tells the recklessness of the puppet clique.

They make all kinds of desperate efforts to make up for their military inferiority to the ever-increasing self-defensive deterrence of the DPRK, but it is a foolish daydream.

There is a saying that a wise man settles but a fool spoils.

Yoon’s clique belongs to the latter.

In the past, too, the introduction of THAAD was a major cause of escalating military tension in and around the Korean peninsula and south Korea has suffered from constant danger of war.

It also led to political and economic pressure and retaliatory measures from neighbouring countries.

So the citizens in Songju County and south Korean people from all walks of life brand THAAD as a war monster and Pandora’s Box and they are waging more intensive struggle for its withdrawal.

However, Yoon’s clique, a traitorous bunch of apple-polishers, treasures THAAD and persists in the normal operation of the base. They are digging their own grave.

Natural calamity may be averted but self-incurred misfortune is inevitable.

Their trigger-happy conduct only hastens its doom.




peace campaigner - united kingdom - - 2022-11-09
so called politicians in south korea are all bastards who are full of hostilities in their brain against dprk.
if they fired up the blaster of aggression, i am pretty sure that they would be gotten out of the world once and for all!

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