One Big Hole


Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un is knowledgeable about all fields — political and military, economic and cultural; this is a general opinion about the General Secretary's exceptional abilities.

In particular, the officials accompanying him are often astonished by his accurate marksmanship. Pistol, rifle, machine gun, tank — whatever weapon he takes, he hits the target without fail.

The following happened one spring day when he was at a shooting gallery. Urged by the accompanying officials, he picked up an automatic rifle and stood at a shooting station. He gazed at the target for a while and moved far backwards. Then he fired three bullets in the blink of an eye.

An official ran towards the target to judge the score, others holding their breath. The official discovered only in the bull's-eye, wondering where the other two bullets had gone.

Rubbing his eyes, he scrutinized the hole and found that it was a big one. This meant that the other two bullets passed through the hole.

The judge shouted, "Three bullets hit the bull's-eye. There is one big hole. "

A burst of applause followed.

Kim Jong Un asked, his face deadpan, "Aren't you saying that to save my honour?"

The official protested, "No, sir. It is a big hole."

Seeing the man crestfallen, Kim Jong Un gave an amused laugh. Other officials joined the laughter.

Now it was the turn of the officials, each of whom picked an automatic rifle and stood at the shooting station. The firing began, but the scores were not high enough. Kim Jong Un taught them how to hit the targets but their clumsy positions were a problem.

He picked a rifle and said to them, "Now I will shoot again. Watch my shooting position."

Then he deftly took up his position and there was a pause for some moments.

Shot after shot rang out and the judge shouted perfect score.

Not satisfied with this, Kim Jong Un demanded that a smaller target be put up. The ring of the bull's-eye was 2 cm in diameter and the outermost ring of the target, 10 cm. The target looked like a dot from his shooting station.

The shooter fired five bullets in two seconds. The officials could not believe their eyes, feeling as if in a dream.

Kim Jong Un said to them: General Kim Jong Il told me that loving weapons and prioritizing military affairs should be a trait of our young people in the present era. Since my childhood he had led me to treasure guns, so I love guns and shooting.

He continued, "Accurate marksmanship is a tradition of my family, I think."


john - usa - worker - 2022-12-30
i paean the great comrade Kim Jong Un!

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