Naming a Baby


One day Kim Jong Un received a letter from a scholar surname Yon, who was an acquaintance of his.

In the letter the scholar requested him to name his one-month-old son.

Kim Jong Un told officials about the letter and asked them if it was not a Korean custom that parents name their child.

An official said to him: Yon’s mother was very pleased that her son’s wedding was held under your concern and she had the eldest grandson.

It is her wish that you name the child.

Kim Jong Un smiled and encouraged the officials to think up the child’s name in his parents’ place.

A lively discussion followed, each official suggesting one.

At long last Kim Jong Un said:

I suggest Chong Song.

What about calling the child Yon Chong Song in the sense that he will grow up to become an excellent official who is stalwart and upright like an evergreen pine tree.

The officials were unanimous that the name was meaningful and it sounded good.

Kim Jong Un said the problem was how the child’s father and other members of the family would like it.

Noting that it was the first time for him to name a child, he asked if they would like it.

The officials all replied that they surely would.

Then I feel relieved but we should wait for their comment, he resumed.

He said to the officials in a humorous tone:

Though it seems somewhat late, I advise each of you to have one more child. Then request me to name the children.

I will name them all.

Everyone roared with laughter.




Eszter - - scholar - 2020-02-05
Long live the Supreme Leader!
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