Slam Park Geun Hye for Challenging People's Mindset


Traitor Park Geun Hye of south Korea at a "new year meet-the press" reeled off a litany of lies denying her crimes, without uttering even a word of apology.

This impudent act of not feeling even an iota of guilty conscience and repentance is an unpardonable mockery and challenge to candlelight holders.

Park who is to blame for causing the unprecedented scandal and throwing south Korea into the worst chaos and crisis is not feeling any guilty conscience but has gone all the more arrogant.

What she uttered at the "meet-the press" was not just simple grumbling or rash act but part of her planned offensive to suppress people's mindset demanding her resignation, turn the table in her favor and regain her power at any cost.

Her sordid intention is to give a shot in the arm of the dispirited pro-Park faction, rally the conservative forces again and tide over the crisis.

However desperately the traitor may try to find a way out, she can never escape the fate of ruin. Criminals are bound to be punished and nothing can suppress the people's mindset.

Time will prove in practice what a miserable end Park will face.

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