DPRK Foreign Ministry Spokesman Rejects Press Statement of UNSC


A spokesman for the DPRK Foreign Ministry on May 16 gave the following answer to a question put by KCNA as regards the successful test-fire of ground-to-ground medium long-range strategic ballistic rocket Hwasong-12:

The successful test-fire of Hwasong-12 is of great and special significance in ensuring peace and stability in the Korean peninsula and the region, and it is the greatest victory of the Korean people.

As part of the routine work to raise the nuclear capability to the maximum and thus increase the military capability for self-defense, the test-fire was conducted at the highest angle in consideration of neighboring countries' security. It was aimed at verifying the tactical and technical specifications of newly-developed ballistic rocket capable of carrying a large-size heavy nuclear warhead.

However, some countries described this legitimate exercise of right to self-defense as "violation" and "threat" and the UNSC issued a press statement pulling up the DPRK over the ballistic rocket launch.

The DPRK categorically and totally rejects the UNSC's press statement which called into question its bolstering of nuclear deterrence for self-defense, pursuant to the U.S. vicious anti-DPRK policy.

Just in recent one week the U.S. conducted two test-fires of intercontinental ballistic missiles, but the UNSC never mentioned them.

The right to self-defense is the first criterion of sovereignty. Therefore, accusation against it is an undisguised encroachment upon sovereignty and an act of rude interference in internal affairs.

Should the U.S. dare make a military provocation against our State, we will readily counter it.

The most perfect weapon systems in the world will never be the eternal exclusive property of the U.S., and the day when the DPRK uses corresponding retaliatory means is sure to come.

Then, the U.S. will come to see for itself whether the ballistic rockets of the DPRK pose actual threat to it or not.

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