Wave of Jubilation Sweeps DPRK

The army and people of the DPRK are seized with great joy, upon the news about the successful test-fire of ground-to-ground intermediate-range strategic ballistic missile Hwasong-12.

They regard the successful test-fire as a noteworthy event in the history of building a Juche-oriented nuclear power, a great victory in the centuries-long confrontation with the US imperialists.

Ri Song Il, an officer of the Korean People's Army, said.

The successful test-fire of our "Juche weapon" is the great event which demonstrated the might of self-reliant defence industry of Juche Korea as a nuclear power in the East and a missile launching power in Asia. If the US rashly attempts to provoke the DPRK, it will not escape from the biggest disaster in history. Our revolutionary armed forces equipped with more precise and diversified nukes and nuclear striking means will surely destroy the strongholds of aggression forces and evils.

Han Chol Man, a worker of the Kim Jong Thae Electric Locomotive Complex, said that the successful test-fire fully demonstrated the might of Juche Korea and its potentialities.

Ko Kyong Nam, a student of Kim Chaek University of Technology, said:

I extend warm congratulations to officials, scientists and technicians in the field of missile research. The birth of "Juche weapon" is another demonstration of the spirit of socialist Korea advancing toward the final victory by dint of self-reliance and self-development. I feel refreshed and encouraged by the news about successful missile test-fire and come to renew the faith that only victory and glory are in store for Juche Korea only when advancing along the road indicated by the WPK.


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